Sunday, April 19, 2009

crochet rug made from tshirts

I knew from the moment I saw this tutorial on CraftStylish that I wanted to make a crochet tshirt rug.

I used eleven tshirts for this. At first I did cut them all into continuous strips like in the tutorial, but the second half I cut up in strips of rings with my rotary cutter and joined all of the strips. I don't know which method is more time consuming. They're probably about the same. I made the whole thing yesterday, from cutting to crocheting, so it is a pretty quick project. My colorful rug is 26" in diameter, and I think it is going to replace the ugly neutral one I have in my bathroom now. I think it should be pretty easy to run through the wash and shouldn't shed all over my washing machine like the old one did. Maybe someday I'll make a huge one, but I'm far more likely to finish a project if it can all be done in one day!

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  1. That's lovely!

    P.s If you wanted to join my PIF, I really need you to re-post it etc and I need you to send me your address:)


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