Sunday, January 24, 2010

first nine blocks

First Nine Blocks

Most of my Christmas presents this year were books, and among them was 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. I love most of the blocks in this book (with the exception of the majority of those that are not worked in the round--they just seem boring to me!), and I've decided to make a new afghan out of random blocks worked up in mostly my extra scraps of yarn. The downside of the patterns in this book is that everyone seems to have trouble getting the different squares to come out the same size. Most are within 1/4" of one another, but a few of mine are at least 1" bigger than the more typical ones. My plan is to even out the size before joining them all together by adding an extra row to the smaller blocks. We'll see how that works out! Oh, and the other downside to this book is that there really are not 200 different blocks because for some reason toward the back of the book, patterns begin to be shown in three alternate colorways, and the book actually counts these as additional blocks. I just don't get why craft books have to be misleading like this. Don't act like the same pattern in a slightly different size or color is a totally new one!

While reading up on this book, I discovered this flickr group where people are posting their finished blocks and then this Ravelry group for the book. It is exciting to see the awesome color combinations everyone is coming up with. I need to write down these corrections in my book! No wonder the "Peach Rose" block (second from the top on the left in the mosaic above) seemed to not really work the way it should have.

I'm new to Ravelry, and I have zero friends on there. Would you like to be my friend? :)


  1. Isn't it wonderful to see them all lined up like that so you can marvel at their prettiness? My husband says I spend too much time playing with my crochet ;-)

  2. I do love looking at them! :) I probably spend the same amount of time admiring my work as I do actually working on it ;)


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