Thursday, February 18, 2010


cat needlebook

I've been making needlebooks lately for a few swaps on swap-bot, and they are so easy fun! I made an owl one, too, from a sketch I made, but I had misplaced my camera and had to send it off before I could take a picture! The kitty embroidery pattern was adapted from this vintage transfer posted by yellowzeppelin on Flickr. I'm getting ready to make a bunch more, but I haven't yet decided what kind of closure I like best. I have to test out a few buttoning configurations I have in mind, too. The green on the cat needlebook is actually seam binding, which is a little thin, but it stays tied nicely. For the needlebook below I used a cute Japanese print and 1/8" satin ribbon, which slips a little, but still stays tied okay.

I haven't done any crochet since Valentine's Day. Fifty tiny hearts in one night was a little much!



  1. Goodness, that kitten embroidery is so cute! A needlebook is definitely on my "to try" list... time I got more active on swap-bot and 'force' myself to branch out a bit! :)

  2. those kitties are absolutely adorable!

  3. Anonymous10:00 AM

    The books are adorable! I have never heard of a needlebook; are they custom covered notebooks?

  4. these are so sweet...thanks for the links. xx

  5. hey OMG so cute!

    i HAVE SCANNED a bunch of (cool typing sorry) random vintage embroidery patterns. If you want some ever LMK

  6. Jen, you should definitely try it. Those bags you make all the time are way more complicated!

    Thanks, Caitlin and Kristin!

    wlotus, a needlebooks contain pages of fabric or felt to hold your sewing and embroidery needles :)

    thebabykitties, OF COURSE I WANT SOME! :)


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