Thursday, February 3, 2011



Pattern: "Flower Trellis Square" by Amelia Beebe.

If you try this pattern, keep in mind that if you want a two-color flower like the one I made, you have to change colors after the initial round. The pattern does mention that once you start the granny rounds, you may want to switch to a larger hook. I think any slight weirdness in the shape will be fixed when it I join it to others. If I make it again, I'd probably do fewer chain stitches at the corners in the final rounds. I've never crocheted a flower with petals constructed with loops of chain stitches before. It turned out cute and fluffy.


Speaking of cute and fluffy, here's Jim in his usual spot.

Oh, I have some exciting news to share tomorrow. And hopefully a tiny tutorial!

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  1. Gorgeous happy colours and love the dimension of the flower!

    Jim is looking very relaxed and cozy :)


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