Wednesday, March 9, 2011

postcard swap!

Hanna's hosting a handmade postcard swap on her blog. I just signed up, and you should, too! I can't wait to make my 10 postcards! Thanks, Kristin, for pointing me to this swap!

I'm also excited because my friend Caitlin and I are cooking up another swap with each other. She has made me the prettiest things when we have swapped before!

Hey, look! A post that has nothing to do with crochet!


  1. So glad you're joining! You know, you could crochet your postcards... Someone did knit their 10 cards last year! ;-)

  2. Haha, crocheting them did cross my mind! ;)

  3. yay!! so happy you are joining in!! and hanna stole my idea...i was wondering if you'd croche yours oo ;)


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