Saturday, May 14, 2011

128::365 multi colour flower square


Pattern: "Multi Colour Flower" by Fiona Kelly.

I love flower squares like this so much! This was a great pattern. If I hadn't read Melissa's blog before making it, though, I might not have realized it was written in UK terms until it was too late as it doesn't say until the end of the pattern. That's why crochet alongs are awesome! I stopped following the pattern after the middle yellow round and began adding "granny" rounds like I showed you how to here.

I am a day behind now for the squares we're making in May. I'll be finishing Saturday's square tonight though! I bought some yarn today to use for my May squares. It is "I Love This Yarn" from Hobby Lobby. Craftyminx uses this yarn beautifully in her granny-a-day project! I couldn't resist the sparkly blue one. I hope it looks okay with the solid colors. If not, I'm sure I can find something to make from it. The colors in the photo below to the right are white, peacock sparkle, banana, limelight, and orchid.

128::365 new yarn

I'm so glad it is the weekend! I spent the day running errands and tonight I'm hanging out on the couch with Jim and Junior, watching The Wizard on Netflix. Yeah, the one with Fred Savage. Talk about product placement. But you know what? It works. This movie still makes me excited about the prospect of playing Super Mario 3. And all the sudden I want a Power Glove. Oh and for Friday the 13th, I got a new tattoo from my friend Mike at Stay True Tattoo!

jimmy & his little blanket new tattoo


  1. Lovely! I like those colors a lot. I adore the sparkle peacock so much, but I always pass it by. They also have a rainbow variegated that makes me drool. Maybe I need to give up and go get some to satisfy that 10% of gay boy that lives in my personality haha.

  2. I am beginning to love a good old granny round! I'm working on a baby gift hat and had to find a pattern that used the granny stitch. I love your squares. Have you started connecting any of them or are you waiting?

  3. glad i helped!
    love the tattoo....makes me want to run out and get another one!

  4. Lovin little Jimmies blanket. And your square today is beautiful too.


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