Tuesday, May 17, 2011

131::365 alter ego square


Pattern: "Alter Ego Square" by Jacqui Goulbourn.

This is one of my favorite squares so far! It is so simple to make, but the result looks complex. I used a size J hook this time. The pattern called for an I, and I only have H & J in my favorite type of hooks ever (the fancy Clover kind). I opted for the larger hook so that my square would get bigger faster to make up for my late start and the fact that I used four colors instead of just the two in the pattern.

I really should block it to fix the slightly rounded sides, but oh well! I'm on a roll with this glittery yarn! It isn't super garish when mixed with normal boring yarn. I may have to buy another skein in a different color, though I don't recall any others at Hobby Lobby that spoke to me like this peacock color did.

Oh, and I did change a tiny thing while crocheting this pattern. Each round says to start out with two ch to substitute for the first dc of the round. After the first couple of rounds, I used 3 ch instead because it seemed to make the sides less full when I just used the 2 ch. Maybe it was because of the bigger hook.



  1. you know...you're killin' me with each and every square!

  2. Anonymous1:08 PM

    ooooo I really loove this one with more than two colors. My square feels so boring now! I used the 3 ch turning chain too. I think using two just pulls everything in too much.

  3. another so cool square!! I love them. they will make a really unique blanket!

  4. this totally rocks!


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