Thursday, May 19, 2011

133::365 starburst flower square


Pattern: "Starburst Flower Square" by SmoothFox.

This square is easier to crochet than it looks. Since I used my size J hook, I left off a solid round of double crochet that was in the pattern so that it would measure 12". It looks more like a cog or something to me than a flower since the center is only one color and the little spokes are kind of squared off. I like it!


  1. taking pictures of crochet projects is a challenge for me. Yours always look great and the colors you pick are wonderful.

  2. Aww, thank you! Trust me, it takes a few tries before I get a picture I'm even willing to share! For this one, I waited to post it until today because I had to wait for more light to photograph it. I think it was the dark background fabric. I really need some extra time in the day! I want to catch up with everybody's squares and comment on them and stuff but I'm barely getting mine crocheted! So glad it is almost the weekend!

  3. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Gorgeous. Is this yesterday's? I'm just sitting down to start catching up. Yesterday was a whirlwind. I feel like I should work ahead because of days like that...

    Once again, a terrific square to set the bar, Adaiha!

  4. I love how the pink brings out the starburst.

  5. Love the colors..I don't like weaving in all the color changes..good for you..


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