Saturday, August 27, 2011

rainbow afghan

rainbow afghan

I've been meaning to blog about this afghan for almost a year now. I made it from yarn in my stash as a wedding present for good friends. If not for the fact that I can go over to their house to visit it when I want, I probably would not have been able to part with it!

Each granny square is made of 5 rounds of different shades of the same color and another round of gray. I used a join-as-you-go method with the final rounds to connect the squares that is basically the same as this one but much easier because the squares are all the same! It is edged in a rainbow of single crochet and completed with a simple picot border in a slightly different shade of gray than the border around each square. The label is one of these from Boye that I embroidered with my name because I couldn't see spending untold hours crocheting this blanket to just fill out the label with a Sharpie!

I think I'm going to have to make another one for myself! You can see more photos on my flickr photoset.


  1. What a beautiful afghan! There are a lot of hours into it, but the result is great!

  2. Anonymous9:48 PM

    gorgeous! i can't help but smile with all those lovely colors. and the join as you go method is definitely a clever plan.


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