Tuesday, August 30, 2011

something that isn't crochet!

scrapbook page - pets
From left to right (and bottom to top diagonally): Daisy, Gerty, Snickers, and Jim!

Because I'm crocheting every day for my granny-a-day project, I love when I can get a little break in my routine and make something different every once in a while. (Don't worry, I will be posting 3 squares later today!) I've never really "scrapbooked" before, but after helping a not-so-crafty friend at work make a sweet book for her special someone, I realized how much fun it would be to use up some of my pretty papers. So now I have a scrapbook page with no scrapbook to put it in. It turned out super cute if I do say so myself! Having pictures of my super cute pets all over the page doesn't hurt either. :)

To make this 8 x 8 page, I used small photos of my pets, scrapbook paper, paint chips (the little scalloped circles), and flowers from Kitschy Digitals Candy-Coated Garden: Icing Flowers kit. Oh, and scissors & glue.

scrapbook page scrapbook page

I sewed it all together with red and pink baker's twine. Sewing on paper is so easy and always looks great! After tacking the pieces in place with a glue stick, I just placed my paper over one of my foam blocking boards for crochet and used a thick needle with a sharp point to punch the holes prior to sewing. Easy!

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