Wednesday, September 7, 2011

222-227::365 a study in stripes


I haven't posted squares in a few days due to the holiday weekend. Did you have a good Labor Day? My mom's birthday was also this weekend, and I wish she didn't live so far away! I crocheted quite a few squares, so rather than make a million posts for them all, you're going to get them all at once (well, some today and some tomorrow anyway). Click on the mosaic above if you want to see the individual squares.

These six squares were an experiment in rows. I used the stitch dictionary section of two crochet books to crochet some swatches and then bordered all but one square with a round or two more. Below are the patterns I used. The first four are from Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary (Workbook 0D14). This is an old book, and I can't guarantee you could find a copy of it. If you look at the individual squares you could easily figure out the stitches though. The last two stitch patterns are from Crochet Adorned by Linda Permann. This book is easily available and if you like to crochet, why haven't you gotten it yet? It is great!

1: tricolour speckle stitch
2: fancy stripes
3: bicolour seed stitch
4: bicolour fish-scale stitch
5: checkerboard
6: bobble stitch

I think the checkerboard one is my favorite, but it might be too lacy to fit in with the other squares in my latest afghan. That fish scale one is a close second. Instead of alternating colors every row, I did two rows in each color, and that gave it a rick rack look. I was searching for some charts that shows these stitches or similar ones, and I came up empty, but I did find these awesome Bubble Bobble craft projects on Sprite Stitch. That is probably my favorite Nintendo game ever! I even made this last year.

Hey, another 25 squares! Here's the latest mosaic!

blocks 201-225

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  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Gah!! These are so amazing and gorgeous!!! I never get tired of them, and I never get tired of the great way you photograph them on vintage fabric!!


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