Wednesday, October 12, 2011

255::365 daffodil square


Patterns: Adapted from "Daffodil" by Linda Permann in Crochet Adorned & a basic granny square.

I have made this flower pattern before as a brooch, and although I like the way this square came out, I think the flower looked better last time. It was probably the smaller hook size I used (F instead of H) that gave the stitches more definition. The yarn was a cotton blend, too, which helped.

Instead of crocheting a square on the back of a flower like I did yesterday, I sewed this flower onto the square.


I have finished the border around the baby blanket I was working on this weekend, but I still have a bunch of ends to weave in!


  1. es precioso!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    This would be such a fun spring blanket!


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