Tuesday, February 2, 2010

another block and something else

Block 95 - Kingcup

I finished another block from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks a few days ago and haven't made another since. This is "Kingcup," and I love that it is 3-D. I'm going to make a point to try some of the other 3-D blocks next. I didn't have any problems with this one and it worked out to be of normal size.

Also, I made this pincushion for a swap:


While I didn't take pictures of the process, I have outlined the steps I took to make it on my Ravelry project page. Now I want to make one for myself!

I still haven't taken pictures of what I made this weekend, but I can't wait to show you! Let's just say that it involves granny squares.


  1. what a cute little pin cushion! i'll have to check out ravelry, so i can make one too.

  2. Since it can be sort of inconvenient to set up a new Ravelry account (I think I had to wait a few weeks!!), here are my notes:

    I used a bottlecap (from a Vitamin Water so it was larger than average) for the base and crocheted a circle to match the size. Then I stopped increasing and worked up until I was happy with the height. I made a felt casing for the inside (to hold the ground walnut shells I used for the filling). Then I sewed that shut and cut a circle of felt and the strawberry flannel that was about 1/2” larger in diameter and sewed it almost shut with my machine (leaving the right side up so I didn’t have to turn). I added stuffing, sewed the opening shut, and then sewed (basically just tacked it down) the seam allowance onto the back, added the “strings” to the top, and attached the button in the center with with pearl cotton. I stuffed this piece down into the crochet and slip stitched closed. Then I added an evenly spaced border of stitches along the edge where the fabric joined with the crochet and added a tiny scalloped border with the pearl cotton. Then I remembered that I was supposed to add hearts in some way, so using a yarn that matched my button, I stitched the hearts onto the sides and outlined them in pearl cotton. It was sort of hard to do with everything already sewn up, but obviously it was not impossible!

    I'd love to see it if you make one!!!

  3. What a sweet, cute pincushion!! I have that book too. It'great. Love your blocks.

  4. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Love the blocks! That book is on my list.... Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I just browsed through your crochet posts and love what you've made. Promptly went over to Flickr and faved your deliciously bright granny blanket.


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