Sunday, April 3, 2011



Pattern: "H-1" from Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting and Knitting "Granny Square Sampler Afghan."

Round 3, the green one, doesn't make any sense at all in this pattern. My result resembles the finished square way more closely than what I was getting by following the pattern. I tried it several times before just winging it based on the photo in the book.

Here's what I did instead: in back loop of first sc in any petal (this is the sc to the left of where you slip stitched into the yellow round), make 2 dc; work 2 dc in the back loop of the next stitch (the hdc), ch 3; 2 dc in next back loop of hdc (you'll be skipping the middle dc stitch); 2 dc in the back loop of the next stitch (the sc), chain 1. Continue around in this manner and join.

The remaining rounds worked out fine, but as I have for all of these blocks, I skipped more stitches than recommended for the final 3 dc cluster round because when I tried what the pattern said, the square became distorted.

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