Saturday, April 2, 2011



Pattern: "E-3" from Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting and Knitting "Granny Square Sampler Afghan."

I made this square yesterday, but since all of the needles I prefer to use for weaving in the ends have gone missing, I waited to show you until today. I mean, I was down to those kind-of-big-but-you-can-barely-stuff-the-yarn-through-the-eye types of needles, so I went to the craft store to get some replacements. I found out that my very favorite type for this sort of thing are size 13 tapestry needles. The eye is easy to thread with yarn and though the tip is blunted, it is still sharp enough sew through tight stitches.

This square is just a multi-colored version of this one from Monday. I made the same adjustments to the final round as before, resulting in a 6" square.


Below is the back view of the square--notice the lack of loose ends! I've been trying to strategically hide them in the photos of my last few squares, and it was getting old! :)



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