Saturday, May 7, 2011

122::365 purple passion heart square


Pattern: "Purple Passion Heart Square" by April Moreland.

Obviously I went with a different color scheme than the purple one the pattern is named for. I left off the round of single crochet in this pattern and just continued with dc for the rest of the square after the heart in the center was created. This is a perfect example of a square that I had to alter to leave a chain space in the corners. Instead of crocheting 5 dc in each corner stitch, I worked 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc.

This was an easy pattern to follow (and to alter)!

I can't believe we're already one full week into A Square A Day In May! Here are my first 7 squares! :)

a square a day in may week 1


  1. love this square!

  2. Thanks for all your comments on my squares. I think this one is lovely and certainly very adaptable with color. Glad to hear the tips are helpful also. I figured they are not new ideas but reminders. I keep my hooks in a cup on my desk too. GMTA.


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