Wednesday, May 11, 2011

126::365 flowery square


Pattern: "Flowery Square" by me!

I'm so honored that Melissa included a pattern from me in the squares we're all making in May! Honestly I was a little nervous about it, too, because it was the second crochet pattern I've ever written out and shared with anyone. It seems like everyone has been able to follow my instructions, so that's a relief! :)

This pattern is for an 8" square, so I added four rounds to get to 12". The first three additional rounds are 2 dc in one space with a skipped space in between groups. The last round is just hdc. I like the way it turned out, but I will never use Caron Simply Soft again for something that should have structure because the center orange part doesn't have very well defined petals and might as well be a circle.

I'm definitely going to have to do some yarn shopping this weekend!


  1. Lovely, and I love your blocking.

  2. simply soft is noted for its drape it does not hold form very well. Lovely pattern.


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