Tuesday, May 24, 2011

139::365 bright & cheery square


Pattern: "Bright & Cheery Square" by Dayna Audirsch.

I'll be honest, I had a little trouble with row 7 in this pattern, and because I was trying to watch a movie**, I decided to just make it work. I really like the cross stitches this pattern uses, so I worked an extra round of them and then finished it off with a round of double crochet. I used my J hook again. See the photo below for how I made up those extra and confusing rows.


**We were watching our first Bluray from Netflix! (It felt so weird buying a player last week and not buying any discs for it, but we've been watching YouTube videos on it in the meantime.) The movie was "9". Have you seen it? It is a beautifully animated post-apocalyptic movie that I had never heard of before. Not having cable or even a digital converter box means not seeing trailers over and over and over again, so I have to actively try to keep up with the movies that are coming out. It is kind of nice not to know all of the good parts before even seeing something though!

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