Monday, July 11, 2011

golda's butterscotch pie

golda's butterscotch pie

One of the things that I can't seem to stop collecting is other people's recipes. I scour thrift stores for what I like to think of as "potluck cookbooks". You know, the spiral bound collections of recipes from members of a church or women's organization. If I'm really lucky, I'll score someone's actual recipe box with actual personal recipes, like Golda's Butterscotch Pie. Usually they are handwritten, but this recipe was actually typed! I love it, typos and everything (unless that is a proper spelling of butterscotch I've just never encountered!). It reminds me of when I was a kid and would use just about any excuse to use the typewriter. I can't be the only one who did this, right? I love that a little bit of the recipe's history is included, though complete instructions would have been nice. I assume you're supposed to pour this into some kind of pie crust...! The cut off part at the bottom is what I assume to be the typist's name followed by 1987 in case you're wondering.
vintage recipe boxes
1. Ohio Arts Metal Recipe Box, 2. Flower Recipe Box , 3. Vintage Recipe Box, 4. Recipes

These metal types of recipe boxes are my favorite. I actually have two like the one on the upper right and one like the one on the lower left!

I have a hard time passing up a cute recipe box (and I'd buy an ugly one if it is full of recipes!), so this means that I have way more boxes than recipes to put in them. To justify my collection, I use the extras to store spices, odds & ends, and craft supplies like the vintage trims & bias tape in this large box with a clear lid below. The green one underneath it contains greeting card blanks.

vintage trim

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