Sunday, October 30, 2011

stuff i love sunday #32

stuff i love sunday #32
1. Finish Line in Sight, 2. Trick or Treat?, 3. Mystery Puzzle Quilt, 4. Crocheting stars while the power is out., 5. 3rd Quarter Blocks Received- Hive Six, 6. crochet ripple afghan, 7. Crochet mug cozi with bow, 8. Granny blanket ta-dah 3, 9. Pinwheel afghan, 10. vintage sewing kit, 11. Botanical Still Life - Together, 12. Package From stripy sock studio!!!!, 13. PTS6 - Pillow Talk Swap, 14. swing... !, 15. Untitled, 16. a stitch in color twinkle, 17. Crochet clothes hanger, 18. Knit the Plaza - Bicycle Snake, 19. Too pretty to eat., 20. make-do-mend, 21. anthropologie knotted melati hanging chair, 22. Vintage Wooden Jigsaw, 23. Granny blanket, 24. saff2011 027

How has your weekend been? I've just been crocheting along, doing a little bit of cleaning around the house, and fighting off the worst headache ever. If it goes away soon, I'll be posting my next four squares a little later. Are you ready for Halloween?!

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