Saturday, March 13, 2010

geeky video game crafts

Have I told you how much I love swap-bot? Sometimes a public swap catches my eye, but participating in groups has been a way more convenient way of being notified of swaps that match my interests. One of my favorite groups is Geek Swap Central. If you are into video games, comic books, or anything geeky, check it out! Here are a couple of zippered pouches and an ATC I've made for GSC swaps.

link bag
Cross-stitched on linen.

link bag
side A; made from a Legend of Zelda/Super Mario Bros. bedsheet!

link bag
side B

bubble bobble atc
Bubble Bobble ATC; cross-stitched on paper then sewed onto felt.

I've gotten some really cool things in return, but my absolute favorite is the freaking awesome Mario mini-quilt from Yoshi, seen here on her blog, Diffusible Interfacing.

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