Wednesday, March 31, 2010

my embroidered buttons!

embroidered button swap

These are the embroidered buttons I made for my partner Caitlin for the Feeling Stitchy embroidered button swap! She likes blues and greens and when I found out that she loves French knots, I was excited to experiment with them to make these covered buttons! The result is pretty textured on the linen I used (with a layer of thin interfacing underneath to cut the shine of the metal that showed through the loose weave of the fabric), and I love it! I found it hard to make anything that wasn't pretty abstract with the French knots, so I settled on this flower-ish design. The larger one in blues is off-center due to a mistake I made in cutting, and I considered re-doing it, but I actually really liked it after I got over my error, so I left it as is. Hey, look, my buttons were featured in this post on the Feeling Stitchy blog, along with some of my favorites from flickr!

embroidered button swap
here you can see the vintage card I put the buttons on!

And I did finish my pear potholder! I really like it! :) The back side is the green wool felt.

embroidered pear potholder

And I made another crochet potholder. The side in the second photo below is a pattern from Beyond the Square - Crochet Motifs, a pretty cool book (another Christmas present!). The "star" side was improvised!

crochet potholder - side a

crochet potholder - side b


  1. Fabulous french knot buttons! I need to try again with french knots ... I love the effect but can't seem to do it myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. your buttons are fabulous!! but then i'm pretty sure everything you make is... :)

  3. Love love love these buttons!!!

  4. Okay Adaiha, you're my new favorite. You rocked my world with that Swap-Bot package and now I must become your hopeless fan! Would you think about parting with the crochet pattern for those tiny hearts?


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