Monday, April 26, 2010

mini embroidery

sewing kitty embroidery

I made this for Caitlin for our mini embroidery swap from this vintage transfer from doe-c-doe; she has lots of super cute ones in this flickr set.

I finished the back using this tutorial that Caitlin linked to, but I forgot to take a picture of the back. She has a photo of it on her blog here though. My beloved Sulky iron transfer pen ran out in the middle of tracing those millions of cross stitches, so the middle of the kitty's head was pretty much freehand. I went to Michael's to buy another one, and they don't even have a place on the shelf for them anymore. Time to find another source!

Check out what Caitlin made me!

sewing kitty embroidery

sewing kitty embroidery

My favorite part was the variegated floss I used for the "thread" on the spool and on the cross stitches on the fabric in the basket. It kind of just looks like a lighting issue in this picture, though.


  1. that is "sew" cute! i'm having a real thrill seeing my tutorial is being used - who knew there were so many "neat freak" stitchers!


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