Sunday, December 12, 2010

rainbow star garland

star garland

When I came across this crochet pattern for granny stars from The Royal Sisters blog, I knew I had to make some! They were so quick and easy to work up. My only note is to be sure to follow the link within the tutorial to the correction in the last round so that your stars will lay flat. Making clusters of 4 dc instead of just 3 dc really made a difference. I missed it the first time around and wish the correction was actually edited into the photos in the tutorial. Either way, it is easy to follow if you pay attention!

When I began to crochet the stars, I thought I was going to make a Christmas decoration, but obviously I didn't choose traditional Christmas colors. I decided that I'd rather have something I can put up whenever I want! I used random colors from my yarn stash (worsted weight), and I made the connecting string-y part by holding together two strands of yarn together. I made 30 chain stitches between each star. I'm pretty pleased with the way it hangs, and I think the double thickness of yarn helped with that.

If you want to mix in some other shapes, The Royal Sisters also offers tutorials for granny hearts, circles, and trees. Awesome!

rainbow stars
Awesome 80s unicorn bandanna under there, right?!

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