Monday, January 31, 2011

it's gonna snow!

(frame from Kitschy Digitals)

It is so hard to believe that this weekend, the temperature was in the mid-70s, but tomorrow will have a high of only 16 degrees. By this time tomorrow, we're supposed to have about a foot of snow. I'm totally looking forward to the snow part of it! This photo is from Christmas 2009, when Oklahoma City was all but shut down because of the weather. It was crazy to walk down Western Avenue near Crown Heights and see a street filled with pedestrians making their way to 7-Eleven for coffee and provisions. I don't remember how much snow we actually got that time, but the snowdrifts in some places that were 5 to 6 feet high!

We've done the grocery shopping (unlike last time!) and I've got tons of projects I'd love to have more time to work on, so being stuck inside wouldn't be the worst thing in the world! I would rather be able to get my car out of the driveway this time, though. At least I know that I live on a street full of kind people who are more than willing to lend a hand to a neighbor in need!

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  1. Snow, who has never seen, would feel it and see it falling.
    I hope it does not interfere too much in your city.
    Ana Paula
    Salinha do CrochĂȘ
    Salinha da Fotogrfia


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