Tuesday, February 1, 2011



Pattern: "Rose Trellis" from Caron.

This is a pretty flower square, but the pattern isn't the most clear one I've ever used. If I were a total beginner, I know I wouldn't understand parts of it. I always find it helpful to look up the pattern on Ravelry. Other people's project photos and notes can sometimes help out in times like these when the instructions are ambiguous. What I like about crochet is that it is easy to tell where the stitches are actually supposed to go just by looking at a photo!

Snow did arrive, and once again, we're stuck at home. We were prepared for the possibility, so it has been kind of nice. I took this photo first thing this morning--out the window! I haven't actually stepped foot outside since yesterday. It is so cold!


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  1. beautiful square! your colors are always wonderful :)

    I wish I could stay inside out of the cold! Yesterday, we had to walk to school in below -30 :( I'm very ready for winter to end!


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