Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Pattern: "Bev's Soft Flower Square" by Beverly A. Qualheim

I made a couple of small modifications to this pattern. Instead of turning after each round of yellow, I slip stitched to the next ch space and crocheted from the right side of the square. Funny, when I first learned to make granny squares, I always turned at the end of each row unless I was changing color because none of the tutorials I read showed how to slip stitch across the next two stitches and into the following empty space. It was like a revelation when I finally figured it out. I also changed the final round from sc to hdc to get the size I wanted.

The center of this block reminds me of the "Bright Flower" square (#51) from 200 Crochet Blocks. In fact, it may be exactly the same. Apparently I never blogged about the potholder I made with "Bright Flower" below way back in April. I am not a fan of variegated yarn at all really, but I think it looks okay in this.


I do not, however, like the way the variegated yarn looks on the back of that same potholder. I've learned since not to even bother buying the stuff. This pattern is motif #105 from Beyond the Square.


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  1. The square is great and I love the potholder! I think the variegated looks good where it is :) I'm not a huge fan on the variegated yarns but I've started not hating it and I've been using some of it. Some of them are just awful but then there are some that are really fun!


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