Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Pattern: Something I made up involving popcorn stitches.

Okay, I'm only two squares into the new series of 6" squares, but I had to pause today and instead crochet something out of the new yarn I received yesterday in my order from Knit Picks. So far, this Wool of the Andes is pretty cool. I'm not totally allergic to wool, but it does tend to irritate my skin if I work with it for very long. And there is no way I can wear wool. It feels like I'm wearing sandpaper.

So why did I buy this yarn? I find that wool makes awesome potholders, and I read that Wool of the Andes is a good yarn for felting. That is the fate of this square. I am going to throw it in the washer tomorrow to see what happens. I love felted potholders because it doesn't matter if you get them dirty because you can wash them again in hot water. I'll show you my results tomorrow hopefully!

This picture more acurately shows off "Marina," my favorite of the colors I ordered. It is the outer border color.


I spent all weekend putting together squares for the afghan. I think I'm done, but I am toying with the idea of making it bigger...

Jim and Gerty have been helping out.




  1. So, how many squares were in the final blanket? And were these 8 inch squares?

    1. I ended up using 42 squares, and yes, with the final round border, each square measured 8 inches. I'm a little ashamed that I still haven't woven in all of the ends!


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