Sunday, May 22, 2011

136::365 georges granny square


Pattern: "Georges Granny" by Jessica Gil.

This was a super easy pattern that I made even easier by making 3 dc "granny" rounds after the sparkly blue round. So that it would measure 12", I added two rounds of hdc to finish it off. I can see a zombie eye in this one, too...

Three weeks down for A Square A Day In May! Thanks so much to Melissa for hosting this fun crochet along!!!

a square a day in may week 1a square a day in may week 2
a square a day in may week 3

may squares

may squares may squares

Now that I have a pile of these big squares, I'm trying to figure out what color I want to use to join them. I really, really love the blue in Colour-Heaven's cushion cover in the first photo! I don't know if it would have such a bold impact with large squares as it does with her little ones. I think I want to test it out! :)

crochet inspiration
1. Flowers framed in blue - crochet cushion completed 06.05.11, 2. Jemimah blanket 4, 3. The End Result, 4. 73, 5. circle in a square granny cushion cover, 6. Crochet Granny Squares Baby Blanket, 7. granny square cushion cover, 8. scrap afghan 1, 9. Ruairi's pram blanket


  1. So fabulous! Your blocks are so colorful & beautiful!

    I can't wait to see what color you use to join --- that's my biggest concern now, too!

  2. i'm using a dark gray to join mine! i had it in my stash and i really like the effect of the dark!

  3. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Do you know how to do the connecting used in the bottom center scrap blanket? I'm dying over it!! I think I can see how it's done from the photo, but I'm not sure.

  4. Dana, I think it is just spaced chain stitches that are then slip stitched in the middle to chain stitches around another block. Is that what you see? It is awesome looking!


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