Monday, June 6, 2011

151::365 granny square #50 & two new afghans


Pattern: "Granny Square 50" from 99 Granny Squares to Crochet from Leisure Arts.
I made this little (5.5" with my H hook) square today because I'm behind! I've been so busy working on my new tutorial and working on crocheting together 3 different afghans in the past few days that I've been a little negligent in showing you my squares. Oops.

Here are some quick progress photos of my A Square A Day In May afghan! I am using a teal colored yarn, which is the color that was winning in my poll last time I checked. The joining method that I am using is the one I talked about here. Dang, this thing is either going to be one huge blanket or two medium-sized ones! Three squares just about goes from one side to the other on my full size bed.

may afghan

I'm really pleased with how flat and even it is turning out even though I used different hook sizes in some of these 12" blocks.

may afghan

And the other afghan I am putting together is another sampler afghan! I told myself that I needed to start another one right away to be sure I had it fresh in my mind to write the new tutorial, but really I just feel like I was procrastinating now. Here are the beginnings of it:

new sampler afghan

It occurs to me that I may be trying to do too many things at the same time...!


  1. Wow!....truly lovely throw.

    Okay. I'm a wee bit jealous because my blocks are not all the same size and joining isn't as 'lump free' as I had hoped.

    Seeing yours --- well, I just got a huge dose of inspiration because yours is gorgeous!

  2. It turned out very well..lovin it..


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