Tuesday, October 4, 2011

248-249::365 more stripes

more stripes

Patterns: "Square 2" & "Square 1" from 50 Stitches for Afghans by Darla Sims.

This is another new book I got for my birthday. Once I'm done with my granny-a-day project I'm going to have to make some sampler afghans that are just rows. This book has lots of pretty stitch patterns to choose from! I made the two squares above with a few repeats of a couple of the patterns from the book and then added borders around so that they will join nicely with the rest of my blocks.

248::365 249::365


  1. Very nice. I like how you converted your stitch patterns into squares.

  2. Hello again! I like this stripey way of making squares...the end result would be quite eye-catching if you made a whole blanket from them I think :)x

  3. Anonymous7:13 AM

    I really like how you make little rows into squares. I agree with Stocki - it'd make a fab blanket.


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