Thursday, October 20, 2011

260-263::365 rows & rows


Patterns: "Squares 24, 7, 37, & 8" from 50 Stitches for Afghans by Darla Sims.

The funny thing about these squares is that most of the patterns are written for one color, but they all totally look better with more. Out of these four, only the square in the upper left corner (#24) was supposed to be made with alternating colors. The two on the right were easy to adapt into these striped patterns by simply finishing off a color at the end of a row. The sort of cabled square (well, rectangle!) on the bottom left was a little harder. For the row that has blue popcorn stitches thrown into the yellow, I used both colors of yarn at the same time and held the unused color to the back of my square as I worked.

Just for the record, the squares I'm making from this book vary in size from about 5" to about 8". I have no idea when I begin each one how big it will be because the book doesn't really give any gauge information. I start out each square with a few repeats of the pattern and work it until I think it looks good. Since I'm planning to make an afghan in rows soon with a combination of these stitches, I may try to crochet a hybrid square next.

In other news, my tattoo new tattoo is healing nicely! :)


Any suggestions for titles for new posts about these stripey squares? I'm so desperate, I've almost resorted to puns. Help!

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  1. I am terrible with names, so no suggestions there, but I agree the blocks look better with multiple colors. Interesting tattoo!


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