Wednesday, October 26, 2011

266-269::365 circles-in-squares

266-269::365 circles-in-squares

Patterns (left to right): "Victorian Doily" by Jean Leinhauser, & "Ruffle-Go-Round", "Land of the Free", & "Ship's Wheel" by Janie Herrin in 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares.

I've been avoiding using dark colors of yarn for a while now, but I'm basically down to a few blue shades and a yellow until pay day on Friday, so I've resorted to crocheting with this dark blue for a little variety. I have seriously used a ton of yarn this year! My plan for this afghan is to use circle squares like these of all different sizes and some of the squares I've been making from rows for this new baby blanket. (You can see the first one here. I'm not quite done weaving in ends yet! I have finished the border though.)


"Victorian Doily" has a 3-d lacy effect going on. It is almost flowery. I tend to avoid working patterns as written if they say not to join at the end of a round because I'm afraid that the result will not look neat, but I followed the instructions for the center exactly on this one. You really can't tell the difference unless you are looking for anomalies.


The second square's ruffles are created over a mesh of dc stitches created by skipping a stitch in specified places around the circle. Then with a contrasting color, you have to sc & ch 2 three times over each dc from right to left then go to the next dc "spoke" and repeat. That may or may not make any sense. It was a little confusing in the pattern, but I'm pretty sure I did it right!


"Land of the Free" was red, white, & blue in the sample in the book, of course. The center is created by a series of 3dc cluster stitches. It may be the plainest of these three squares as far as fancy stitches go, but I really like it. I had to pay really close attention when I got to the first round after the dark blue circle one because it would have been really easy to miscount stitches.


"Ship's Wheel" is probably my favorite. It really was the quickest of these squares to make. The spokes of the wheel are created with front post treble crochet stitches. Super easy! It really does kind of look like the wheel of a ship.

Do you know of any neat circle-in-a-square patterns I should check out? I'm looking for more!


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I made this blanket for my brother & his wife and plan to make one for myself someday - I love that pattern!

    And maybe you'll find some new ones here?

  2. love the squares, such a great project. I started a sampler square blanket for myself, but it's had to go on the backburner, there's no way I could do one granny a day!


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