Sunday, January 1, 2012

stuff i love sunday #41 :: happy new year!

stuff i love sunday #41
1. New fish baby log cabin, 2. faux doily, 3. Clooney's pet mat after felting, 4. 134/365 Sunshine & Showers WIP, 5. #secretsydney, 6. All the B girls are in their travel cases: BLs, RBLs, EBLs, KBs, and SBLs..., 7. Untitled, 8. day 102, 9. Potholder back {explored 10.02.2011, hurray!}, 10. Cupcakes!, 11. Daisy Crochet Leggings, 12. Creative Energy zine :: Volume 2, 13. Block of the Month 3 - 019 - SOLD!, 14. Wool Eater wIP, 15. up to no good., 16. last days of 2011, 17. Umräumen zwischen den Tagen, 18. collection_033_2011_12_25, 19. cozy2, 20. The year that was..., 21. cuadernos, 22. the cat basting method, 23. Random Blocks., 24. a007etsyea

Happy New Year! I don't really believe in new year's resolutions, do you? They just seem like the type of thing that people say knowing that they will fail. Instead of resolutions, I make plans. This year I plan to make things every day and take more pictures. I will not be doing a big 365 project again this year as I have a million different little things I want to do. I think this year something like the Creative Every Day Challenge (found via Hanna) would be more my speed.

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