Sunday, March 18, 2012

stuff i love sunday #52

stuff i love sunday #52
1. Yarns, 2. fresh willow, 3. hand embroidered mini quilt :: petri dish, 4. pieces of rainbow, 5. Flower Trivet from Seamless Crochet, 6. spring is coming, 7. challenge mars, 8. Lion quilt, detail 2, 9. Pinwheel Doily Crochet Blanket, 10. *insert expletive here*, 11. DIY colar de carretel, 12. Love., 13. cake time, 14. spring woods wrap in progress, 15. GroovyGhan Wip, 16. 17/31: Green., 17. Fotografia0268, 18. kittencreamery pins + collar, 19. Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Card, 20. 175/365 Lionheart Circle Square, 21. MHZZ wip, 22. San Pellegrino, 23. I made gyoza from scratch! :9, 24. Little Boy Blue blanket two rows shy of completion 

Yay, I've kept up with this every Sunday for a year!  I'd really like to thank my amazing flickr friends for sharing their photos.  You truly do provide me with endless inspiration!  It is almost impossible to narrow my favorites down to two dozen to feature each week.  

Other than this, I've been a terrible blogger for at least a month.  I'm still crocheting and making other things, but an extremely hectic work schedule and other real life things have left me feeling like taking a break from the internet.  I think I'm over it now though.  Expect to see a post in the very near future dedicated to these potholders I'm making .

potholder in progress

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