Monday, February 14, 2011



Pattern: "Framed Flower" by Linda Permann.

This pattern is from Linda's awesome book, Crochet Adorned. The book is mostly designs to embellish clothing you already own. In the back, however, are a stitch guide and several patterns for squares, hexagons, and triangles. Everything after the yellow was improvised.

turtle bookmark

Happy Valentine's Day! I made the turtle bookmark above and the mug cozy below for the "secret cupid" exchange at my office. The person I drew is a turtle fanatic! Both of the patterns are available for free.

mug cozy

And it is Gerty's birthday! She is seven. I really can't believe it. I love my sweet dog! Here is my valentine using her as a pillow. Why she loves to lie upside down like that, I will never know!

gerty & junior

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