Sunday, February 20, 2011



Pattern: "Bobble Poppy" from the Garden Party Cardigan in Crochet Adorned by Linda Permann.

Today's block was a lazy one to make in that I already had the green granny square left over from my Circles & Squares afghan and the flower from when I made these. I sewed the flower on using a backstitch and then added a yellow border. I really like this method because with it you can add any crochet motif to a square!

I've been working on a new blanket using scraps. This flower pattern is from an old leaflet called "Prize Afghans" that seems to be from the 60s. I feel like this partly excuses my laziness.


Hey! Now that I have 50 blocks, I made a new mosaic. Below is the new one followed by the first one. Yay!

blocks 26-50
blocks 1-25


  1. is that what your blanket is going to look like?

  2. it's fun to see all the squares together!

  3. Anonymous5:21 PM

    That granny square is totally awesome!

  4. Melissa, I'm not entirely sure yet. It will not be exactly like the mosaics because I'll need to balance out the lacier blocks with the more solid ones. I've been thinking about it a lot lately and have been arranging and rearranging squares just thinking about it...! :)

    I love seeing all the squares together, too! :)

  5. I love that flower afghan!! I spent all weekend looking through my mom's vintage patterns and didn't find anything that pretty haha.


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