Monday, March 21, 2011



Pattern: "Forget-me-not Mini Granny Square" by Rhonda Rowley.

I added an extra round of double crochet to get this small square to measure 6". If you try this pattern, be warned: you will want to translate the first stitch of each round into the appropriate number of chain stitches. Like if it tells you to make 2 dc in the corner to begin you will instead chain 3 and then dc one time. Without using starting chains like this, the first stitch of each round will be kind of scrunched up.

Melissa at Hooked on Handmade is beginning to organize A Square A Day in May! Participants will make a different 12" square each day of the Month, but we'll all be making the same square each day. You should sign up! It will be really fun!


  1. a square a day in may will be a breeze for you doing 365. sounds like a fun project...wsh my crochet skills were up to speed.

    i love that one of yours is n the line-up :)

  2. Thanks for the plug! Looking forward to crocheting with you!


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