Friday, March 25, 2011



Pattern: "B-1" from Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting and Knitting "Granny Square Sampler Afghan"

I have read that this afghan pattern has a few errors. I found two in this block, unless I was reading it wrong! Here are my adjustments:

Round 2: It says to slip stitch into the last four points of the star, but it said to single crochet into the first one. I fixed this by using a sc instead of a sl st for each point.

Round 7: The first corner is basically a sc, ch 2, sc. The following corners are described as just a lone sc. I made a sc, ch 2, sc instead to match the first corner.

I have found that square patterns with weird problems can sometimes be easy to figure out by just making each side identical to the others. Let's hope the rest of these squares are as simple to fix! This one worked up to 6.5" with a size H hook.

I am going to make the afghan in the picture below (but not in these colors!! ugh!). I'll tell you more about it tomorrow! This block is the first one that I need for this. It is the one in the bottom right corner.

Hey, Melissa made me some super cute buttons for my blog! I'll share those tomorrow, too. If you can't wait to see the buttons, they're on her blog here. While you're at it, grab one of her own buttons and one for A Square A Day In May (and sign up to join us)!

I'm so glad the weekend is here so I have more time to do fun things!


  1. I love your blog and all the crochet squares..I've made a bunch of granny squares and ready to stitch them together...there are several ways to do this, which way do you prefer? It seems that this might be more work than making the squares!

  2. Thank you!!! I've described the way I'm joining my squares here. I was on a roll that weekend joining for my first afghan made from the different squares, but I kind of got caught up in some other projects while procrastinating about choosing a border! :) I'm working on a little tutorial on my method! I'll let you know when it is up!


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