Saturday, March 26, 2011



Pattern: "I-1" from Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting and Knitting "Granny Square Sampler Afghan"

I didn't run into any issues with this pattern until the final round. The pattern says to skip a stitch between each 3 dc group, but that make it really ruffly. The photo in the book of the square shows what seems to be 2 stitches between some and 1 between others. I went with 2 sc between each. My resulting square is 5.5".

I also made the square that goes just to the left of this one. Since it is really just an ordinary 3 dc granny square (with no ch stitches in between shells) and I've already made a similar square for this project, I'm not going to make it a square of the day. This pattern was "A-4". According to both the photo of the finished afghan and the chart showing how to join the squares, these two should be the same size. If I had made the square below the full seven rounds the pattern asks for, it would be so huge! I can already tell there are going to have to be lots of alterations needed when I put it all together!

another granny square

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