Sunday, March 27, 2011

stuff i love sunday #1


I am going to begin featuring a couple of mosaics each Sunday. One will be photos I have taken that I haven't featured on my blog for various reasons and the other will be photos by other people from my Flickr favorites.

Since some of the photos in the mosaic of mine are private on Flickr, I'm not including the legend because lots of the links would be broken. As you can see, in the past week or two I have taken pictures of crochet (of course!), food, my pets, and Gerty's "playdates" with her friends. The cute little guy in the first picture is Koda, our friends' new puppy, and the Corgi on row two is Georgie, another friend's dog. See those giant granny squares on row 2? That's a secret long term project I'm slowly working on in between other stuff. The cookies are my favorite peanut butter cookies ever!

Now take a look at these lovey photos from my Flickr friends!

favorites mosaic

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  1. really cool idea, already looking forward to next weeks!


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