Friday, April 29, 2011

113::365 grandala square


Pattern: "Grandala Square" from Crochet with Raymond.

I've used this pattern before in my Circles & Squares afghan! It is super easy to make. While on Alice's blog, I also came across this handy step-by-step stitch guide that she has put together with instructions for how to make lots of common crochet stitches.

Speaking of making lots of crochet stitches, there is still (just a little!) time left to sign up for A Square A Day In May hosted by my friend Melissa! There are currently 25 people signed up to crochet along with us, so it is going to be fun! She has featured a couple of my tutorials to help with your granny making. :) This weekend I will finally be releasing my latest tutorial on my method of joining squares. Be sure to check it out!

a square a day in may!


  1. You are really good at crotchety! :) You also have a very nice blog!

  2. ya, i can't wait for your joining tutorial! I really want to start joining my blanket and I know others are starting to get interested in joining too!
    thanks so much....i will be blogging about it when you have it up!
    only one more day!

  3. I come here each day to view your squares. I find them to be so charming and a delight to view. I have complete all mine for May and started some for June.


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