Tuesday, April 12, 2011



Pattern: "Motif 112" from Beyond the Square by Edie Eckman.

This was a fun little square to make! Instead of working in rounds all the way around, you work half way in one color, continue in the second color, and then turn and start again from the back with the second color first. There were only four ends to weave in because you never cut the yarn. All of that turning reminds me of when I first learned to make granny squares and turned at the end of every round because I didn't know how to slip stitch across to the next round.

There was no way I was going to make this in red and orange, the colors in the book. It's a bit too OU/OSU "a house divided" for me. If you've never lived in Oklahoma, you probably don't understand or care, but if you are an Oklahoma transplant who knows nothing about sports like I am, you might get where I'm coming from. ;)

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