Saturday, April 9, 2011

postcard swap!


I sent out my postcards for the DIY Postcard Swap yesterday! Check out the swap's flickr group to see lots of awesome postcards made by participants!

I spent weeks brainstorming how to make my cards, and I finally settled on a little bit of embroidery on paper. I love to add to the challenge of a swap by using stuff that's been languishing in my craft supply collection, so I didn't purchase any of the stuff I used to make these. I had even pre-made the hexagons (2.5" I think) once upon a time for a paper-piecing project. I left the paper pattern piece inside the hexies and using my sharpest thick needle, I sewed them onto patterned cardstock with embroidery floss. Then I embellished the paper with running stitches, french knots, and a few other simple stitches. It is way easier to sew on paper if you punch the holes with your needle and then sew through them. Even so, I have quite the callous on my thumb! Is that what thimbles are for? I've never learned how to use them properly.

I had decided to glue my printed postcard backs onto the embroidered fronts, but when I couldn't find the particular glue I wanted to use, I went with my old stand by, sewing them together by machine. I can't wait to see if these hold up well in the mail. I'm pretty sure these dinosaur envelopes I made a couple of years ago arrived okay.

Here are my postcards!

postcard 1

postcard 3

postcard 4

postcard 5

postcard 6

postcard 7

postcard 8

postcard 9

postcard 10


  1. Wow! Nice! I love them all! Wished I got one!

  2. These are totally amazing!
    You should sell these!

  3. Oh, all your postcards are super cute! Love that you used already made up hexies and things you had, I am all about recycling and using up the "stash" :-) Well done, thanks for sharing!


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