Sunday, July 31, 2011

196::365 square 16


Pattern: "Square 16" from 101 Crochet Squares by Jean Leinhauser.

This 3-d flower square has petals that really pop out. Until I blocked it, they didn't lay very flat, and the square didn't look that great. When I'm kind of disappointed with my results because the square doesn't look even, blocking always fixes it! I'm pretty pleased with the way it looks now!

This pattern is for a small square, but I added a few rounds, starting with that first white one that is made up of 3 dc clusters. For that round, I worked the clusters with 3 chain stitches between each, and the corners are dc, ch 2, tr, ch 2, dc.



  1. I love this one! Very pretty.

  2. Adorei o padrão. Parabéns. Bjs.

  3. this is wonderful - I've just bought the '99 granny squares' book, but maybe I should have bought this one?

  4. Oh, my, I think this is one of my favorites!!!

    Also, thought it might tickle you to know that my word verification is knitring.


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