Sunday, August 7, 2011

stuff i love sunday #20

stuff i love sunday #20
1. Colors of the Ripple, 2. Terra Nova 190, 3. Dala Horse Craftalong week 1, 4. 20110802 shmat, 5. New #vintage little treasures, 6. free vintage desktop wallpaper from maraid, 7. Superstar baby quilt detail, 8. I like my nails to match my snacks ;), 9. Untitled, 10. Strike Offs - Fall 2011, 11. Weather station !, 12. first, 13. Felt Owl - free tutorial, 14. vintage purse, 15. Pointing to where she lives, 16. sofie, 17. happy vintage dishes drying, 18. Someone asked me to take a picture for scale. #sewing, 19. Twelve squares for the Quadrant Blanket times three, 20. Untitled, 21. Trousse (a pencil case), 22. Trousse (a pencil case), 23. Untitled, 24. Saint Basil's Cathedral

How to make a galaxy shirt.

Pin Pals are two friends who collaborated to create some super pretty stuff. I love all of the adorable illustration and cute cross stitch!

You know those awesome wood-frame yarn baskets? Martha Stewart Crafts shows you how to make your own!

Origami paper boxes are one of my favorite things to make! At work I like to make them from recycled envelopes that have pretty security patterns.

I want some of this soup, like right now. I've used this recipe for Tom Kha Gai a few times before, and it turns out perfect and delicious.
i love gerty!
You know you are obsessed with your dog when you make ridiculous stuff like this! My new (to me) desk is here and is all set up now, and I finally have room again to use my tablet again comfortably. What was supposed to be plugging it in and installing drivers last night to make sure it still works led to a few hours spent on what you see above.

***colorful ricrac ribbons, felt textures, glitter textures, & blog labels from pugly pixel

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