Friday, November 4, 2011

274-275::365 circles from butterfly wings

274::365 275::365

Pattern: Adapted from "Butterfly Apron" by Linda Permann in Crochet Adorned.

I have been searching for my Beyond the Square book for a week now with no luck because it has some great circle patterns in it. Until then, I'm resorting to using circle components in other patterns. The butterfly wings in this one use two different circle motifs. I squared each up in a different way. This is a total trial & error process. The wavy look in the last two rounds of the first block was not intentional. I made that first round and realized I had decreased too severely in the middle, so I worked taller stitches in the middle on the last round. It worked out pretty well! :)

I'm about to hit the road to go back to McGee Creek State Park with Junior, Gerty, and our friends for Junior's 31st birthday! We went there last year and had a lot of fun. I'll be back and posting the rest of my squares for this week on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

Almost forgot my new mosaic!

blocks 251-275

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